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The food and drinks you love can sometimes cause your teeth to become discoloured over time. Unfortunately, no matter how well you brush and floss, these stains won’t go away unless you apply a whitening treatment. At Dapto Dentists, we offer a fast, effective way to whitening your teeth and give you a stunning smile. But, many people still wonder whether the cost of teeth whitening treatment is worth it.


Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

There is a huge variety of ways that you can whiten your teeth, from supermarket whitening kits to whitening strips; however, these over-the-counter treatments are not as efficient or successful as professional teeth whitening in the dentist chair and often leave people feeling disappointed. Over-the-counter whitening kits can be inexpensive, but do not last as long as professional teeth whitening, meaning that they may cost you more long-term if you repeat these treatments.

Professional teeth whitening is a safe and effective treatment that allows the dentist to control the amount of bleaching product and protect your teeth and gums. Australia has tightly regulated standards for the use of oral bleaching agents, which we take very seriously to protect the well-being of our patients.


How Tooth Whitening Works

At Dapto Dentists, we use the Philips Zoom! Whitening System for fast and effective results. Before we apply the bleaching agent, we first inspect your teeth to make sure there are no signs of decay. We will then give your teeth a professional clean to remove built-up plaque and tartar.

We use a special shield to protect gums and soft tissue from damage, then apply a thin layer of bleaching agent that has been fortified with minerals to prevent tooth sensitivity to each tooth. We will then shine a UV lamp onto your teeth to activate the hydrogen peroxide in the bleaching agent and speed up the whitening process. We may need to repeat the process several times to achieve the desired shade.

For patients who prefer to whiten their teeth in the convenience of their home, we offer a Philip Zoom! take-home whitening kit. You simply place the gel in your customised trays and depending on the formula you wear them either during the day for 30 minutes, or 2-4 hours overnight, for noticeably whiter teeth in just two weeks.     

Dental Patient

What is the Cost of Teeth Whitening?

There is no standardised pricing for dental treatments, so the cost of teeth whitening varies from dentist to dentist, and the number of teeth you need lightened. At Dapto Dentists, we believe that everyone deserves a smile they are proud of, so we aim to provide all our patients with an affordable cost of teeth whitening in Sydney.


Is Teeth Whitening Covered By Insurance?

If you have private health insurance, your policy may include extras cover. Extras cover typically includes simple dental procedures such as whitening treatment. However, all insurers are different, so it is best to check your policy to find out exactly which procedures you’re covered for and if you will need to come up with any excess payments. There also may be a waiting period before you can claim if you have a new policy.

If you don’t have private health insurance, Medicare, unfortunately, does not cover cosmetic dental procedures such as professional teeth whitening. However, you may be a candidate for government-funded dental schemes to subsidise the cost of dental treatments. Check with your state government and the Medicare office to see if you are eligible. 


How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

After investing in the appearance of your smile, you want to make sure that you keep your smile pearly white. Your teeth whitening treatment can last up to 24 months, depending on how well you care for your teeth after whitening. We recommend quitting smoking and avoiding dark coloured foods and beverages as well as acidic and sugary foods that can weaken the tooth enamel. 

A consistent oral hygiene routine with whitening toothpaste can keep stains at bay and maintain healthy teeth and gums. At Dapto Dentists, we offer at-home Zoom! Whitening kits for touch ups between whitening treatments so you can extend the effect of treatment for longer. 


Final Thoughts

If you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth, you can achieve a smile up to eight shades lighter here at Dapto Dentists with the Philips Zoom! Whitening treatment. If you are interested in brightening your smile, call Dapto Dentists on (02) 4044 5520 to learn more about teeth whitening and how my treatment can benefit you.

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