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    Get your FREE Consultation + Digital Scan
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    Offer Limited to 5 Patients Per Month

      Crowns And Bridges Dapto Patients Love – Restore Your Smile With Natural-Looking Restorations

      Missing or damaged teeth can affect your smile. Fortunately we can help with our state-of-the-art crowns and bridges. Dapto patients can have natural looking beautiful restorations that bring together both the form and function of a smile. Let’s take a look at how they work and what they do.

      Bridges Dapto

      A dental bridge

      When it comes to dental bridges, Dapto patients should know that they’re designed to replace or ‘bridge’ a missing tooth gap. Dental bridges are a popular choice for replacing several or more missing teeth and are either made using a framework which is supported by your adjacent natural teeth, or as an attachment to a dental implant which itself is secured into the first tooth gap.

      Once in position a dental bridge can:

      • Close a gap left by a missing tooth or teeth
      • Improve bite function and chewing ability
      • Prevent existing teeth from drifting into spaces
      • Support facial structures to retain facial shape
      • Provide a fixed and long term option, compared to a removable denture

      When you visit us for conventional dental bridges, Dapto patients will be pleased to know that it takes around 2 hours over 2 visits to get one made and fitted.

      All our crowns and bridges at Dapto are made using our chosen Australian laboratory to ensure long lasting quality for all our patients. As our laboratory works are made in Australia, they are confident to offer up to 15 years Warranty on Bridge work!

      What about dental crowns in Dapto?

      A dental crown is designed to protect an existing tooth like a sheath. Sometimes referred to as a dental cap it literally covers the whole of the visible part of the tooth. Dental crowns are used for a number of reasons including:

      • Restoring a tooth that is broken or worn
      • Hold a bridge in place (dental crowns sit on the adjacent supporting teeth)
      • Protect and strengthen a tooth following a root canal
      • Strengthen a tooth with minimal structure remaining
      • Cover a misshapen or discoloured tooth
      • Top a dental implant
      Crowns and bridges in Dapto

      To find out more about our crowns and bridges, Dapto patients should book a consultation with our dental team. Call us on (02) 4210 9058. Our high-quality crowns and bridges are affordable and available with a lab guarantee up to 15 years, depending on the materials used, please ask our dentist for more information prior to treatment.

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