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One of the major dental processes, that has revolutionised modern dentistry, is the dental implant procedure. Dental implant surgery can provide a long-lasting solution to tooth loss and can restore both your smile and your bite functionality by using a variety of implant techniques.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are used to support one or more false teeth. They provide this support by acting as replacements for the original tooth roots that have decayed or are no longer viable. Dental implants used by Dapto Dentists are made with titanium, which is a strong and lightweight material. Titanium is also biocompatible, which means it will most likely not be rejected by the body after its insertion.

Over three to six months after the dental implant surgery, the bone and soft tissue around the implant will fuse, making the implant permanently affixed to the mouth. Once this fusion has occurred, the final part of an implant can be placed: the crown or the dental bridge.

Dapto Dentists use high-quality brands of implants, sourcing them from trusted manufacturers like MIS, Straumann, and Southern Implants. Schedule a free consultation with your dentist to discuss your options.

How does a dental implant procedure work?

There are several stages to a dental implant procedure. This guide will help to break them down so you can better understand what will happen before, during, and after your dental implant surgery.

Dental Patient

The first step in any major dental procedure is a free consultation with a dental professional to make sure that dental implants are the best restoration option for your needs and your lifestyle. Using a combination of the most up-to-date dental technology, such as various X-rays and intraoral cameras, the dentist will determine whether you have the bone density necessary for dental implant surgery.

If your existing bone density is less than ideal, in some cases, your dentist will recommend a bone graft to increase the width and depth of the bone in the implant area.

The first appointment for the initial dental implant surgery will involve sedation of the patient (IV sedation can be used if the patient is often nervous before major dental procedures, but is not necessary for a successful surgery), opening of the gum in the implant area, and insertion of the implant. Once the implant is inserted, and the gums are sutured, you will be sent home to recover from the surgery.

The second appointment will take place once the dental implants and the part of your jawbone in the implant area have fused through the process of osseointegration. Your dentist will assess the stability of your implant and will take an impression of the relevant tooth or teeth to make the dental crown or bridge necessary to top the implant off.

During your third appointment, the bridge or crown will be secured firmly into the stable implant, with the help of abutments and sometimes dental cement. Once this takes place, the dental restoration process is complete.

How long does a dental implant procedure take?

A dental implant surgery does not always mean long hours spent in the dentist’s chair. For instance, the first implantation surgery may only take around 30 minutes to complete. The more time-consuming part is waiting for processes like osseointegration to happen; the time between the first and second surgery can be between three and six months. Depending on the situation of each patient, the length of the dental implant surgery process from start to finish can be anywhere from three to nine months.

Benefits of dental implants

There are many benefits to receiving dental implants, including the following:

  • Halting bone loss that occurs when a tooth is lost, maintaining the shape and density of the jaw while preserving it.
  • Maintaining the support of facial structure, lips, cheeks, gums, and soft tissues as aging occurs.
  • Restoring bite functionality, meaning no more restricted food intake due to tooth loss.
  • Easy maintenance; just brush and floss like you would with normal teeth.
  • Boosted confidence.
  • Beautiful smile.


Final thoughts

If you are looking for skilled and experienced dental professionals to complete your dental implant surgery, consider trusting Dapto Dentists to make your dental restoration process as smooth and as easy as possible! Call (02) 4044 5520 for a FREE consultation today.

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