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    Dental Implants in Dapto – A Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss

    Are you considering dental implants in Dapto? Dental implants have revolutionised the dental industry, and provide a permanent long- lasting solution to tooth loss. Whether you’re missing one or more teeth, or all of your teeth, we can restore your smile and bite functionality, using dental implants in a variety of ways.


    What are dental implants exactly?

    Dental implants are used to support one or more false teeth, and act as replacement tooth roots. They’re made from titanium, which is lightweight and strong and, since this metal is biocompatible, isn’t rejected by the body. Instead, over a period of 3 to 6 months, the surrounding bone and soft tissues fuse with it, so it becomes a permanent fixture in the mouth. Once this has happened, the implant(s) can be topped with a single crown or dental bridge, or stabilise dentures and prevent them from becoming loose.

    Here at Dapto Dentists we use high quality implant brands from leading manufacturers including MIS, Megagen, and Straumann, which have proved to be successful and reliable over many years.

    We offer single implants, implant-supported bridges, implant-supported dentures, and All on 4 or all on X here.

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    Meet Your Dentist

    Dr Omar Ahsan

    Dr Omar Ahsan


    • Dr Omar is an experienced dentist who has been working in the Dapto and Wollongong area for the past many years.
    • He is a cosmetic dentist with high level expertise in smile makeovers and Implants including all on X Implants.
    • He strives to provide dental care with a person-centred approach holding true to his core values of predictability, precision and excellence.
    • Member of the Australian Dental Implant Association, and Australian Clear Aligner Society
    • “Practical dentistry for everyday people”, sums up his work ethics.


    Dr Mohit Tolani

    Dr Mohit Tolani


    • Dr Mohit graduated as a dentist from Griffith University in the Gold Coast. Academically, prior to commencing post graduate Dental studies at Griffith University.
    • He completed a degree in Medical Sciences with Honours in Pathology at The University of Sydney and more recently, also completed a double degree of Master of Public Health and Master of Health Management from The University of New South Wales.
    • After finishing his dental education, Mohit worked as a hospital dental surgeon at Goulburn Valley Health hospital in Shepparton, rural Victoria gaining a myriad of dental clinical experiences; enjoying all components of general dentistry.


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    Need A Dental Implant in Dapto?
    We Provide Innovative Solutions

    What are the procedures involved in dental implant surgery?

    As in any dental procedure, we need you to attend a consultation in order to determine whether dental implants are a suitable restoration solution for you. Using the latest intraoral cameras and digital X-rays including CBCT scan referral, we’ll determine whether you have sufficient bone density to support the implants. In some cases, our dentist will recommend a bone graft prior to dental implants, to increase the width and depth of bone in the implant area.

    First Appointment
    Our Implant Dentists Dr. Omar Ahsan or Dr. Mohit Tolani will place your dental implants chairside. He can also use IV sedation if you’re a nervous patient – but you do not need to have IV sedation for this procedure. Prior in-depth planning using 3-D computer technology allows for a shorter surgery time and more accurate placement. The gums will be opened up and the implant/s placed. Once this is done, the gums are sutured, and you’ll be sent home to recover. The actual implant placement usually takes less than 30 minutes!

    Second Appointment
    Once the dental implants have fused with the bone in a process known as osseointegration, you’ll need a second visit to assess the stability of the dental implant and to take an impression for the dental crown(s) or bridge.

    Third Appointment
    During this appointment, the crown(s) or bridge are screwed/cemented firmly in place to the stable implant, and the restoration is completed.

    Depending on the individual patient situation, the dental implant procedure takes from 3 to 9 months to complete.

    What are the benefits of dental implants?

    • Dental implants put a halt to the bone loss which naturally occurs when a tooth is lost. While replacing teeth, dental implants also help preserve the jaw, maintaining its shape and density
    • The facial structures are supported and indirectly, the soft tissues, gums, cheeks, and lips are too
    • Bite functionality is restored, meaning a person can eat all of their favourite foods as they used to before
    • Dental implants are easy to maintain by brushing and flossing, as you would do for your natural teeth
    • Dental implants feel, look, and act like natural teeth

    If you’d like more information about dental implants in Dapto, or want to find out whether you’re a suitable candidate, why not call Dapto Dentists, today on (02) 4044 5520 for a FREE implant consultation?

    Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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