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IV sedation dentistry is an excellent solution for dental patients who may be nervous or have a dental phobia. Additionally, IV sedation dentistry is a practical option for patients with resistance to local anaesthetic, general anxiety disorder, a strong gag reflex, sensitive teeth or oral nerves, or complex dental issues.

At Dapto Dentists, we use IV sedation dentistry to put patients into a relaxed state, so you have little to no memory of your dental procedure. You will experience some sleepiness and be able to respond to verbal cues, but you will have little to no memory of the procedure.

Here are twelve dental sedation guidelines to help prepare you for your next dental appointment.


Be familiar with the Dental Board of Australia guidelines

The Dental Board of Australia has set a number of guidelines and regulations in place to maximise the safety of patients who undergo sedation dentistry. For example, your sedationist should document the dosages of sedation fluids and follow specific requirements for intravenous fluid administration.

Determine if it’s right for you

You will be approved for IV sedation dentistry after a short consultation appointment and an online questionnaire. This gives Dr Kermali an opportunity to look over your information and determine if you are a suitable candidate for IV sedation dentistry. Some medical conditions, medicines, and allergies may make you ineligible.

Know the fee: The fees for IV Sedation range from $650 – $900

A skilled sedationist will administer the medication 

Dapto Dentists’ visiting sedationist, Dr Shabbir Kermali, is fully qualified to administer intravenous sedation according to Dental Board of Australia guidelines. During your procedure, Dr Kermali will continuously monitor your vital signs. Patients who experience sedation dentistry report the time passing exceptionally quickly due to their semi-conscious state and feeling very relaxed.

Some side effects are normal

One of the most important dental sedation guidelines is to remember that some side effects are typical and nothing to be concerned about. You may bruise at the site of the IV injection, experience some nausea or vomiting after the procedure, or perhaps feel drowsy afterwards. These are unpleasant but not serious side effects.

All IV sedation dentistry procedures do involve the risk of rare and potentially serious complications. Your sedationist is required to discuss this with you ahead of time. As a general rule, however, IV sedation dentistry is very safe when administered by a skilled and qualified sedationist such as Dr Kermali.

Dental Patient

Bring a chaperon

You will probably feel a little drowsy after your procedure, which is normal. You will not be released from the recovery room unless you have a chaperon to ensure you make it home safely. 

Don’t wear

When you head out the door to your appointment, make sure you are not wearing nail polish, jewelry, or contact lenses. You want to be comfortable, relaxed, and free of impediments for your procedure. 

Do wear

Wear comfortable clothing to your appointment. Choose loose-fitting items so we can easily place blood pressure cuffs, EKG lead, and monitoring devices.  

Condition yourself

Don’t drink or eat anything for six hours before your appointment. You can sip water with daily medications you may need to take.

Don’t come to your appointment sick or unwell

If you’ve dealt with illness or injury in the two weeks before your appointment, call Dapto Dentists ahead of time and reschedule. At Dapto Dental your overall wellness is important to us, and we want you to have a speedy recovery following your treatment. 

Don’t smoke

In the 24 hours leading up to your appointment, abstain from smoking. This can interfere with some of the IV sedation procedure or introduce more risk than necessary.

Brush your teeth

Before your appointment, brush your teeth thoroughly.

Don’t drive or drink afterward

For 24 hours after your procedure, refrain from drinking alcohol. With the lingering influences of sedation, this can be very dangerous. Additionally, refrain from driving or operating heavy machinery in the 24 hours immediately following your procedure. 


What’s your Fees?

The fees for IV sedation range from $650 – $900.



With the right dental practice team, sedation dentistry can provide you with a safe and relaxing dental experience. Contact Dapto Dental on (02) 4044 5520 to schedule your next dental appointment today. 

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