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Full-Service Dentist Near Wollongong – Providing Comprehensive Dental Care For All

If you’re looking for a dentist near Wollongong who can cater to all your family’s dental needs, we warmly welcome you to Dapto Dentists. Situated just a 14-minute drive away in nearby Dapto, we’re a family-owned, family-focused, full-service dentist providing a comprehensive range of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments and services.
We have everything necessary to meet the oral health needs of people of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re struggling to find Wollongong dentists you trust to oversee your child’s first dental visit, you have a teen currently experiencing wisdom tooth problems, or an elderly relative who can’t get on with their conventional dentures, why not pay us a visit!
Our highly experienced team is adept in all aspects of dentistry, including paediatric and geriatric care, and is here for you whatever your dental needs. Moreover, we’ve been serving the area for over 40 years and have built a solid rapport with patients who consider us trustworthy and reliable. Your oral health is important to us, and that’s why we take the time to listen, understand and explain. Our dentists near Wollongong go by the ethos that when a patient is better informed, they’re better equipped to choose the treatment option that is best suited to them.
So, if you’re looking for affordable, quality dental care but haven’t yet found it in any other Wollongong dental clinic, Dapto Dentists is just a short drive away.
Book an appointment today and get the dental treatment you need or want right now!

About our comprehensive services and treatments

Like any other dentist in Wollongong, patients can benefit from general dental services, including regular check-ups and cleaning, tooth fillings, and root canal treatment. In addition, however, we also provide the latest restorative treatments like crowns, bridges, and dental implants. Wollongong patients can benefit from a 15-year warranty on dental crowns, bridges, and veneers made in a local dental lab by highly experienced technicians.

Cosmetic dental services like professional teeth whitening and lifelike porcelain veneers help those unhappy with the look of their smile, while our contemporary orthodontic treatments allow people to obtain an even bite.

Children’s dental care near Wollongong

We understand how difficult it can be to trust a dentist with your child’s first-ever dental visit. After all, getting it wrong could put them off visiting the dentist for life. Thankfully, our team has many years of experience working with children, many of whom have grown up to be regular patients in their own right, so we understand how to make a dental clinic for Wollongong’s youngest patients the best place to be. In other words, we make your child’s dental visit fun, educational, and above all, pleasant.

Anxious or nervous patient in Wollongong? Dapto Dentists can help

Do you know that almost 1 in 3 patients feel anxious or nervous before visiting the dentist? While some people shrug it off and get on with it, for others, dental anxiety can stop them from getting the treatment they need or want. For this reason, we provide gentle conscious sedation for anxious patients. If you need a dentist in Wollongong and are a nervous or anxious patient, ask us how we can help.

Expert treatment by experienced clinicians

While patients visiting our practice near Wollongong will benefit from a team of highly experienced general dentists, we also have a visiting dentist – Dr Kermali, who regularly performs dental implant restorations. He is also qualified to carry out conscious (IV) sedation. So if the need arises and you want extra assurance, trust us when we say that you’re in safe and highly capable hands. If our Wollongong patients need dental implants, our dentists will get Dr Kermali to talk to you first.

Wollongong dentists and trusted partnerships

At Dapto Dentists, Wollongong residents and those from the surrounding areas can benefit from the trusted partnerships we’ve forged with a local Australian dental lab. Unlike some dentists in and around Wollongong, our dental work is not outsourced to another country, meaning we have greater control over restoration accuracy, authenticity, and speed of delivery. On the rare occasions when we don’t get it right the first time, it’s also easier and speedier when we need a remake done.

Dentist near Wollongong – Family-focused, family-run

Have you ever visited a dentist in Wollongong and felt that something was missing although you had the treatment you needed? At Dapto Dentists, Wollongong patients can expect much more. We’re proud to have served generations of families in our Dapto and Woonona clinics and strive to treat you with dignity, respect, and transparency as we would our own family. This ethos is the cornerstone of our 47+ years of working in the local community. So from our family to yours, we welcome you with open arms.

Why choose us as your go-to dentists near Wollongong?

We’ve already given you reasons why you might choose us over another Wollongong dental clinic, but let’s give you more.

If you know anything about our back story, you’ll see that we’ve been serving the Illawarra community since 1975. And while the business has evolved, we still carry that same ethos of trust, integrity, and patient-first focus across our Dapto and Woonona dental clinics to this day.

We won’t try to sell you the most expensive treatment when you don’t necessarily need it. Instead, we’ll advise you of your options and give you all the information you need to make a fully informed decision.

We don’t judge! Many people, including Wollongong residents, are afraid to visit the dentists because they fear they might be judged. We don’t do that! Instead, we’ll warmly welcome you and listen to what you want. Then we’ll develop a custom treatment plan to restore your smile. We’ll also discuss costs and ways to pay, so you know how much treatment will be before you start.

With all the above in mind, let’s see more about why you should choose us as your local dentist near Woolongong.

We make visiting a Wollongong dental clinic affordable

If you’re concerned about the cost of dental treatment here in Wollongong, you’re not alone. According to sources, over 2 million Australians fail to visit the dentist regularly due to high fees. But we’re here to change that. Firstly, we strive to keep our prices low, but in addition, we offer a variety of discounts, payment options, and promotions that make dental treatment affordable.

As your Wollongong dentists of choice, you can expect

  • Up to 40% off your Dental Fees when you join us
  • Gap-Free dental check-ups capped at $140
    Free/Gap-Free dental implant consult (worth $350)
  • Free-smile makeover consultation (worth $300)
  • $200 off chairside teeth whitening
  • And other promotional offers changed regularly.

In addition, we also cover all valid insurance and are affiliated with BUPA, Westfund, HCF, CBHS, PeopleCare, and many more. Ask us at the time of booking.
When it comes to paying, we offer a range of flexible payment options in the form of ZipPay, SuperCare, and AfterPay that allow you to get the treatment you want or need now while spreading the cost over several months.

A strong focus on patient education

Ask any Wollongong dentists, and they should tell you that prevention is better, less costly, and easier than cure. We’re no exception. At Dapto, we place a strong focus on patient education. Whether that’s your youngest child attending their first dental check-up or an adult currently experiencing gum problems, we’ll take the time to explain the steps to take, ensuring teeth and gums remain healthy, including lots of hints and tips.

Tips such as

  • How to help your child regularly brush their teeth
  • How to floss for the best effect
  • What type of toothbrush to use
  • Foods to eat to protect your teeth, and some you’ll want to avoid
  • How to fit a good oral care routine into your busy life

Our Dapto Dentists near Wollongong take the time to answer any questions or concerns you have, giving you the tools needed to maintain excellent oral health, both now and in the future.
Need a dentist near Wollongong you can count on? Come and talk to the friendly team at Dapto Dentists today. Get in touch on (02) 4210 5828.


How many dentists currently work at Dapto?

We’re a multi-dentist clinic like several other Wollongong dentists in the area. We currently have three highly skilled dentists working at Dapto with over ten years of experience. In addition, we also have a visiting dentist Dr Shabbir Kermali who is highly experienced in dental implant rehabilitation and conscious (IV) sedation.

Do you provide emergency treatment?

Yes. Our dental clinic near Wollongong can assist patients who need emergency care. We set aside time in our daily schedules for emergency cases, so if you have a dental emergency, call us, and we will try to fit you in on a same-day appointment. In addition, we provide after-hours support when needed and Saturday opening.

What payment methods do you accept?

We want to make it as easy as possible to get the treatment you need or want, so we accept most payment types, including cash, credit cards, health fund cards (see question below), and HICAPS. In addition, we provide several payment plans, including ZipPay and SuperCare, plus our own in-house payment plans.

What insurances do you accept?

We accept all valid health insurances where we claim and quote through HICAPS, but in addition, we’re also preferred providers for HCF, Westfund, and CBHS.

Do you have any accreditations associated with your dental practice?

Yes. We’re proud to be Quality, Innovation, Performance (QIP) accredited. We’re one of only a handful of dental practices in the area to have the accreditation, which certifies that we deliver the highest calibre of dental care to patients in the Illawarra region.

What suburbs does your dental clinic near Wollongong serve?

We regularly see patients from all over the Illawarra region but particularly from the suburbs of Dapto, Horsley, Kanahooka, Koonawarra, Avondale, Wongawilli, Haywards Bay, Unanderra, and the Wollongong area.

Is parking available?

Yes, we have some parking at the front of the building facing the Princess highway, and there is also ample street parking in and around the practice.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

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