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Mon – Fri: 8am – 6 pm
Saturday: 8am – 4 pm

After hours treatment available everyday with prior appointment

Save up to 40% off

on your dental fees

Dapto dental
Clinic Hours

Mon – Fri: 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 4:00pm

(After hours treatment available everyday with prior appointment)

Save up to 40% off

on your dental fees

Our Fees

We aim to provide the most affordable dental care in Wollongong region.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make quality dental care accessible and affordable to people of Illawarra. We believe that good oral health is vital for a healthy and happy life. We are aware that poor oral health can lead to major health problems, so we are making the cost of visiting the dentist affordable so that everyone has access to regular check-ups and treatments.

We are not a corporation or health fund owned practice. It is owned by your local, West Dapto Dentist, so you can be assured that we care about your oral health.

Our Promise

Safety: We use state of the art equipment, digital X-ray and track the sterilised instruments.
Quality: You can be assured that the dentist who provides you the treatment is well informed and up to date with continued professional development. We use Premium Dental Materials sourced mainly from Henry Schein Halas and Dentsply, and only work with 100% Australian owned laboratories for veneers, crown & bridge, Implants and dentures.

Affordability: When you receive dental treatment from us, you save up to 15 – 40 % compared to the NSW average dental fees published by ADA based on their annual fees survey. We have a best price guarantee. If you have a written quote from another provider, come see us for a Gap free/Free second opinion and we will beat that quote by a minimum of 10% Margin (except for dental implants)!  We have special offers on preventive treatments thus making the dental care affordable for everyone in the local area.

Below given Dental Fee Examples are a guide only. Your personal situation may be different and should be discussed with our dentist.  Most of the dental treatments requires a limited consultation and Xray fees (eg: An extraction of a tooth for a new patient will be charged for an Xray and a limited consultation on top of the extraction fees).   You may require fewer or additional dental treatments which may increase or decrease the total fees.  In the event that extensive treatment is required, you will be given a written quote to check with your health fund to know the rebate and more importantly for you to make an informed decision. We charge the health fund recommended fees for Westfund, HCF, CBHS fund holders as we are their preferred providers for dental services. We charge lower price than above listed for DVA, NSW health voucher and Medicare (CDBS) patients. There is a set fees schedule for members and associated healthfunds

(15% - 40% SAVINGS FROM US)
Check Up – Clean – Scale – Fluoride – 2X digital X-rays & Treatment planningGAP FREE or capped at $150 for Adult and $130 for Children*$400$250
Oral Exam – Limited
Item No: 013
$50$52.68 - $80$35
Oral Exam – Comprehensive + X-rays &Treatment planning
Item Nos: 011; 022X2
$75$154.04 - $214.78$139.78
Digital X–ray
Item No: 022
$50$45 - $58.39$18.39
OPG (Whole mouth X-ray)
Item No: 037
$80$106.60 - $140$60
Simple Fillings
Item No: 531
From $170$185 - $260.77$100.77
Complex Fillings
Item No: 535 (5 surfaces)
$250 Maximum$314 .94 - $480$230
Root Canal TreatmentFrom $800
Simple Extraction
Item No: 311
From $180$ 204.02 - $316.67$156.67
Complex Extraction
Item No: 314 (Sectional removal)
From $250$268.98 - $ 425$175
Wisdom Tooth RemovalFrom $350$370.98 - $530$280
Surgical removal of Wisdom tooth
Item No: 324 ( Surgical removal requiring Removal of bone and tooth division)
$450 Maximum$429.04 - $642$192
E-Max Porcelain Veneers
Item No: 556
$1300$1300 – $1900$700
6 Emax Veneers offer$7500***$7800 - $11400$4000
Full Crown
Item No: 613
$1300 - $1550$1619.21 - $2000$550
Bridge Pontic – Per Pontic
Item No: 643
$1200$1253.79 - $1950$850
Dental Implants
Implant insert: Item No: 688
Implant Abutment: Item No: 202
Implant Crown: Item No: 672


Up to $3350
$840 - $1542
Up to $3000

One Implant insert and crown Package$4500***
All-on-4 Arch or All-on-X Arch Fees is:$24500 per Arch
6 or more Crown/Veneers and Bridge work
(full mouth rehabilitation/Smile makeover)
$1300 Per tooth***
Take home teeth whitening gel with custom trays$450$550 -$850#$400
Chair – side teeth whitening$650$900 - $1100#$50
Dentures Upper or LowerFrom $1200
Occlusal Splint$550$600 - $950$400
Sports Mouthguard
Item No: 151
Clear Aligners with Retainers Package$7500***$8000- $9500$2000
IV sedation
1 hour
$100 extra for any additional 30 Minutes

From $900

$900 - $1100#

Green Whistle$120

We are members, we accept DVA and NSW health vouchers, as well as Medicare (CDBS) patients.

* Gap free is applicable to health fund insurance holders with dental care coverage within their limit only. If you are within a healthy fund, the rebate to the practice may be more than $150, meaning no out of  pocket expense for you. If the health fund do not pay for the service, patients to pay $150 for adults and $150 for Children for the service. Fees are subject to change from time to time. 

**NSW mean to high fees based on 2022 ADA Dental Fee Survey report, based on local telephone survey by the practice. 

*** T&Cs apply will be explained at consultation.

# Not mentioned in ADA Dental Survey report, based on Local telephone survey by the practice.

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