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Checkup & Clean

We believe that healthy teeth are essential for all ages and prevention is better than cure. Regular dental check-up & cleaning help keep teeth and gums in optimal health. We are able to identify any problems in their early stages that can often be treated quickly and cost effectively. We offer following services:

  • Scaling and clean
  • Prophy jet polish to remove any stains
  • Professional Fluoride Application to prevent decay and reduce sensitivity
  • Preventive instructions regarding diet and oral hygiene
  • 2X digital Xrays if needed

Best of all, if you are with a health fund with dental cover, you will pay NO out of pocket cost for this. We encourage you to attend Check up& Clean every 6 months to maintain your smile for life. When any additional treatment is required, we always provide a thorough explanation of the process, and upfront information of time and cost involved.


Fillings are done to restore teeth that have broken, chipped or worn down due to injury, wear or decay. Restorations can be amalgam or composite material (White filling). White filling is a better alternative to traditional amalgam fillings as they:

  • Do not release mercury
  • Do not expand and cause the teeth to crack
  • Are less invasive (don’t need as much tooth to be drilled)
  • Look very cosmetic and natural
  • Can be used on front and back teeth

They are a good option when around 30-50% of the tooth has decay. If there is more damage to the tooth, our dentist may recommend a ceramic inlay or crown
The choice of materials depends on the job to be done and which tooth it is. The dentist would make their recommendation taking into account your wishes.

Teeth Whitening

$550 for Chairside and $450 for Home Bleaching
We offer two options for professionally bleach your teeth

  • Chair side Whitening: this procedure takes one hr and is done at the practice that instantly whitens your teeth
  • Home Bleaching: This procedure is done in the comfort of your own home with dental trays made specifically to fit your teeth
  • Our dentists can talk to you about each option and which is best for you.

Dental Implants

Dental Implant is a reliable long-term solution for missing teeth. With modern techniques it is now often possible to remove tooth and replace it with an implant in just one surgical procedure. Simple cases need only 4 appointments to complete the treatment.
A comprehensive consultation including x-rays at this appointment we will be able to provide a detailed treatment plan including a breakdown of costs and an extraction if needed.
Implant placement and temporary restoration
A healing integration phase which can range from 3-4 months. Once the implant is integrated, it will be placed with a final crown.
We have many years of experience in carrying out implant cases successfully for an affordable cost.

Crown and Bridge

A crown is placed when damage or extensive dental work such as root canal therapy, a fractured/fracturing tooth or tooth decay is too widespread for a filling to be used successfully and reliably. One of the best long-term solutions to restore a tooth back to its full function and appearance is a dental crown. Usually crowns are for reconstructive purposes but crowns can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth that are too small, misshapen or severely discoloured. Crowns are made from metal, porcelain or a combination of both.

A bridge is a popular choice for replacing one or several missing teeth, helping to restore your smile and oral health. A bridge prevents your adjacent teeth from moving into the vacant space and opposing teeth moving out of alignment. To ensure the long-term success of your treatment, a thorough examination is conducted and careful preparation taken prior to receiving your crown or bridge. All our crown and bridge laboratory works are undertaken by Australian based dental laboratories to assure it’s long lasting quality.


If you have lost your natural teeth due to damage, decay or injury, dentures can replace your missing teeth and restore your smile. Dentures offer a natural looking solution, enhancing your appearance and benefiting your health.

Missing teeth can cause the facial muscles to droop, causing a person to look older than they actually are. With the support from dentures, you will appear youthful while being able to enjoy food and speak comfortably, just as if you still had your natural teeth.

Dentures are removable false teeth that are worn to replace missing teeth. These artificial teeth are generally made of acrylic and designed to best match your natural teeth. The base of a denture is called a plate and is usually made of either acrylic or metal. Dentures can be taken out and put back into the mouth, and they are available as either full or partial dentures, depending on how many teeth need to be restored. Today’s dentures are natural looking and more comfortable than ever.

Root Canal Treatment

When the pulp inside one of your teeth becomes infected or injured; root canal treatment could save the tooth from extraction. During this treatment the dentist will remove the diseased pulp, file and clean the canals of the tooth and anti-bacterial medicines are placed inside the canal. It usually takes 2-3 visits and x-rays help show the progress and success of the treatment. Once it has been determined that the treatment has been successful, a permanent porcelain crown or filling will be placed to seal the tooth.

Dental care children

Bulk billing available

We are committed in providing comprehensive dental care to children. We make sure that a child’s visit to us is happy and stress free.
Children should have their first visit as soon as they get their first few teeth. This makes children feel comfortable in the dentist chair and prepares them for a lifetime of good oral health.
Children’s Milk (Baby) teeth are very important and need to be looked after. When they have their permanent teeth begin to erupt, 6 monthly visits are important. This would give us the opportunity prevent any risk of tooth decay and monitor any crowding issues that might need orthodontic assessment. Our dentists are excellent in providing oral hygiene instructions and treatment options in age appropriate language.
Recognising the importance of dental health for the children, federal government introduced Child Dental Benefits Scheme in January 2014. Under this scheme, we offer up to $1000 free dental treatment for eligible children (2-17 years).

Extractions and Wisdom Teeth

When a tooth cannot be saved with restorations or RCT, an extraction may be suggested. When an extraction is carried out the Dentist will numb the area to alleviate any pain and discomfort. After the extraction, we will issue you with an “After Oral Surgery Care” leaflet giving you information and instructions to follow. It will also inform you what medications to take if you are experiencing pain. ​

Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to erupt. They generally erupt when people are in their late teens or early 20’s. Some will experience no problems with their wisdom teeth, however, there is often very little room for them to erupt therefore the teeth may partially erupt or remain impacted in the jaw. When this happens, infection, pain, ulcers, food traps and crowding can result. Removal of these teeth is often necessary. Most wisdom teeth can be removed in our surgery at a very affordable price.