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Clinic Hours

Mon – Fri: 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 4:00pm

(After hours treatment available everyday with prior appointment)

Save up to 40% off

on your dental fees

Smile Gallery & Case Studies

E-Max Veneers

These tiny gatekeepers were restored with 6 emax porcelain veneers.

The damage would have resulted from a combination of factors like erosion and attrition of teeth.
Clearly, the smile could have been widened further had we included additional back teeth but the patient was happy with the wax up and try in seen in the 4th picture here.

Overall, it is a marked enhancement of her smile.

Implants and Porcelain Crowns

The patient underwent bone grafting and implant surgery under specialist care.

The final restorations were crafted at Smiline lab. It involved 6 porcelain crowns, including the 2 implants sites, addressing the patient’s function and aesthetics.

Predictability and precision were key in this case to achieve an outstanding result addressing the expectations and long term goals of the patient.

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✓ 6 E-max Veneers/Crowns from $8400 $7500*
✓ Clear Aligner Treatment from $8000 $5999*
Gap Free/Capped at $150 for Check-up, Clean with Xrays & Treatment Planning
Free/Gap Free Clear Aligner, Implant, Smile Makeover, and Wisdom Teeth Removal Consults

* T&Cs apply, will be explained at consultation

Long Span Bridges

Fifty is the new thirty

Replacement of a long span bridge with attention to detail resulting in a fuller appearance and a better rest position of the lip.

Long span bridges are not an ideal choice of treatment but she had had the previous bridge for decades.
Don’t fix what’s not broken.

Clear Aligners

A course of Truline clear aligners, based in Sydney, helping the teeth come together by making the right moves in the right direction.

Patient wants to follow it up replacing the the front filling to match her tooth to the rest of her teeth.

Practical dentistry for everyday people.

Crowns and Bridges

Seven zircad prime MT crowns to bring this smile together. You will notice the predictability of the results achieved in the mock-up/test run photograph.

Beautiful work by the Smiline Lab team as usual.

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