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Achieve A Bright And Aesthetically Pleasing Smile

Smile Makeover Special

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    Why Would I Need A Smile Makeover in Dapto?

    Has your dentist mentioned a smile makeover in Dapto or even full mouth rehabilitation? If so, then you’re probably feeling a little confused and not even sure what the procedures are, and what, if any, are the differences.

    Smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitation in Dapto are both procedures that we provide at Dapto Dentists, and in essence they both produce the same result – the perfect smile that you’ve always wanted. Both procedures entail one or more treatments but the difference between the two procedures is in the type of treatments that are provided.

    So let’s look first at what a smile makeover is, and what’s involved.

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    What exactly is a smile makeover in Dapto?

    A smile makeover involves one or more cosmetic dental treatments designed to enhance the smile to make it look aesthetically more appealing. Our Dapto dentist will assess your smile, listen to your smile goals, and then recommend the most suitable treatments to achieve your ‘perfect smile’.

    Cosmetic treatments included in a smile makeover may vary but generally include:

    ● Dental Bonding
    ● Porcelain Veneers
    ● Teeth Whitening
    ● Dental Crowns and Bridges
    ● Gum Reshaping

    Now let’s take a look at what’s involved in full mouth rehabilitation in Dapto.

    What is full mouth rehabilitation?

    Unlike a smile makeover, the point of full mouth rehabilitation is to carry out a combination of treatments in order to optimise the health of a patient’s entire mouth. This includes the gums, teeth, and bite.

    Full mouth rehabilitation may include any of the treatments below:

    ● Dental Bridges
    ● Dental Crowns
    ● Dental Implants
    ● Root Canal
    ● Inlays and Onlays

    In some instances, a person may require a combination of restorative and cosmetic treatments to achieve their ‘perfect smile’.

    A Dapto smile makeover as unique as you

    While this may all sound a little confusing, the main point to remember is that both a smile makeover and full mouth rehabilitation are totally unique to you. No two mouths are ever the same, which is why smile makeovers are highly personalised procedures and each one is different. We also provide mock – ups prior to the treatment for you to get a visual picture and understanding about these procedures for a reasonable fee – this in many situations help our patients to have a tangible, visual overview of what we can do for you and your smile thus you can make an informed decision.

    If you’re considering a smile makeover in Dapto then why not contact our Dapto Dentists in NSW for a complimentary FREE consult. Call us today on (02) 4210 9058 to schedule your smile consultation.

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    Meet Your Dentist

    Dr Omar Ahsan

    Dr Omar Ahsan


    • Dr Omar is an experienced dentist who has been working in the Dapto and Wollongong area for the past many years.
    • He is a cosmetic dentist with high level expertise in smile makeovers and implant restorations.
    • He strives to provide dental care with a person-centred approach holding true to his core values of predictability, precision and excellence.
    • “Practical dentistry for everyday people”, sums up his work ethics.


    Dr Mohit Tolani

    Dr Mohit Tolani


    • Dr Mohit graduated as a dentist from Griffith University in the Gold Coast. Academically, prior to commencing post graduate Dental studies at Griffith University.
    • He completed a degree in Medical Sciences with Honours in Pathology at The University of Sydney and more recently, also completed a double degree of Master of Public Health and Master of Health Management from The University of New South Wales.
    • After finishing his dental education, Mohit worked as a hospital dental surgeon at Goulburn Valley Health hospital in Shepparton, rural Victoria gaining a myriad of dental clinical experiences; enjoying all components of general dentistry.


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