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The costs of treatments are a consideration when deciding where to undergo a cosmetic dental procedure. It can be tempting to save money on teeth whitening by traveling abroad for the procedure, but the risks involved with dental tourism make staying closer to home a better option for your oral health.


Why Teeth Whitening?

Teeth darken with age due to naturally occurring oral changes and pigmented foods, dark-colored beverages, and medication speed up this process. Smoking causes additional teeth discoloration, a problem that many people solve with a teeth whitening treatment.

Visiting a dentist in Australia for a whitening treatment can leave you feeling more confident and less self-conscious about your smile. Whitening treatments can help boost your self-esteem and make you feel more attractive. People often look younger and make better first impressions after a teeth whitening treatment as they tend to smile more.


Teeth Whitening in Bali Compared to Australia

There are a number of reasons why staying in-country is preferable to undergoing teeth whitening in Bali. Because of dental training and regulations as well as environmental factors, teeth whitening treatments in Bali can be ineffective or even dangerous.

Lack of Regulation in Bali

Australian dentists are regulated by the Australian Dental Association and the Dental Board of Australia. This means they adhere to a strict code of conduct that dentists in Bali do not have to consider.