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Teeth whitening is a popular way to restore sparkle and shine to your smile. Although stains and discolouration can be a normal occurrence, especially with age, many people begin to feel self-conscious with a less than pearly white smile.

Teeth whitening has become accessible and more affordable in the last few years, and when performed by a dental professional, it is a safe procedure. Teeth whitening cost varies in each situation, but there are several possible ways to pay for the procedure.


Chairside Whitening

At Dapto Dentists, we are proud to offer two professional teeth whitening services to our patients. Our chairside whitening treatment takes about one hour and uses a hydrogen bleaching gel in combination with activating light. A rubber shield protects the gums and mouth and the bleaching gel is applied carefully to your teeth.

The activating light is applied to your teeth for 15 minutes, and then the gel is rinsed off and reapplied. This process is repeated three times to whiten your teeth up to eight shades lighter in one treatment.


Take-Home Whitening Kit

For patients who want a teeth whitening procedure that is just as effective but on their own time, we offer the Phillips Zoom take-home teeth whitening kit. Take-home kits contain bleaching gel as well, but the strength of the gel is less than that used the chairside treatment.

Take-home kits are desirable because they can be used in the comfort of your home and at your convenience. We take impressions of your teeth to create customised dental trays for you. We provide you with the trays, the gel, and specific instructions on how to use the kit.

Typically, you wear the trays for a couple of hours each day for two weeks and experience similar results to the in-chair whitening procedure.


Professional Teeth Whitening vs Over the Counter

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products have become popular due to their increased availability and affordability. Although it may be tempting to choose a shop-bought tooth whitening kit instead of seeking a more costly professional treatment, you may end up sacrificing long-term quality for short-term savings.

In addition, the Australian Dental Association warns that DIY teeth whitening can be risky, and dentists have received reports of chemical burns and ulcers in patients’ mouths after an at-home teeth whitening experience.

The chemicals can also erode enamel, which helps to protect your teeth from decay.

Translucent, discoloured, and spotty teeth are another risk of over-the-counter teeth whitening kits. These can be costly problems to fix with cosmetic and dental restorations. 

At Dapto Dentists, we offer several ways to pay for the treatment in hopes that patients will choose a safe and professional whitening service over a cheaper and riskier one.  


Private Insurance Coverage for Teeth Whitening

When considering your options for treatment and teeth whitening cost, check with your insurance provider as to whether they cover some or all of the procedure. Private health funds may cover specific cosmetic procedures, and this sometimes includes teeth whitening. 


Medicare Coverage for Teeth Whitening 

If you are eligible for Medicare, it is crucial for you to know that Medicare does not cover the cost of dental treatments unless they are deemed medically necessary for the patient. Medicare may cover some treatments only if you fall under coverage for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule or the Veterans Affairs Dental Program. 


Dapto Dentists Payment Plans

At Dapto Dentists, our patients are our priority, and we understand the value of having confidence in your smile. We understand that teeth whitening cost may prevent some people from pursuing a treatment that could potentially restore their smile and help them feel great again. 

We are proud to offer interest-free payment plans through ZipPay. This helps to remove some of the burden of upfront dental fees and allows you to make flexible payments without a deposit. 


Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a professional teeth whitening treatment, give us a call today on (02) 4210 9058. We look forward to helping make your smile bright again!

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