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Affordable Tooth Fillings in Dapto – Dental Fillings You Can Count On.

At Dapto Dentists we only use high quality tooth fillings that Dapto patients can count on. Offering both strong and highly aesthetic solutions, our composite (white) dental fillings are used to restore teeth which have been chipped, worn down, broken or have cavities.

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Composite (white) dental fillings in Dapto have their advantages:

● They’re less invasive – requiring less of the tooth to be prepared
● They’re highly aesthetic and natural looking
● They don’t expand causing the teeth to crack and
● They don’t contain traces of mercury

It is said, white tooth fillings are a great option when somewhere between 30-50% of the tooth has been damaged. If the tooth is damaged further then our Dapto team may suggest other options like dental inlays or a crown.

So what do tooth fillings in Dapto entail?

The tooth filling process is a simple, easy and nearly pain-free process taking around 15 – 30 minutes over just one visit. Here’s how it works…

Before any fillings, Dapto dentists will numb the area using a numbing gel and a fine needle. You should feel a slight pinching sensation, but that’s all. Numbing the area will ensure any discomfort is greatly lessened.

Next decay (if any) will be removed, and high quality bond and filling material is applied into the prepared tooth, harden them with a curing light. The bite is then checked and once all is good the tooth is further and smoothed off and polished for a natural look and feeling.

It’s a simple and safe process that our Dapto dental team have performed many times before, but it’s one that has the ability to restore both tooth form and function lasting for many years depending upon the filling type and condition of the tooth.

To find out more about tooth fillings, Dapto residents should call the team at Dapto dentists to secure your appointment. We’re your local Illawarra dentists where quality meets affordability. Get in touch on (02) 4210 9058 today.

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