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The Australian Oral Health Tracker reports only 51% of adults brush their teeth twice a day and that tooth decay is Australia’s most common chronic disease. 25.5% of Australians over age 15 have untreated tooth decay.  

Dental fillings are a simple, standard dental procedure that can save your smile. Untreated tooth decay can lead to tooth loss, an aged appearance, and problems with eating and talking. Don’t let this happen to you. Visit your dentist for regular check-ups and follow up with the necessary dental treatment to protect your oral health.  

However, even with an excellent at-home oral hygiene regimen and routine dental visits, you can still get a cavity. If this is your first filling, you may be wondering how long does a filling take



How Long Does a Filling Take: An Overview 

Dental fillings take 20-60 minutes to complete once the site is numb, but this depends on the amount of tooth decay that needs to be removed and the size of the cavity. 

Composite resin dental fillings typically take more time to complete than amalgam (silver) fillings because the material is placed in layers. Each layer has to be cured before the dentist can apply the next one. This bonding process makes your tooth even stronger than it was before.   

At Dapto Dentists, we use tooth-coloured composite resin filling material to restore your tooth for a natural-looking smile. Using composite resin also allows us to preserve more of your natural tooth. 

If your tooth decay has damaged more than 50% of your tooth, we may recommend an indirect dental filling, such as an inlay or onlay.

Like traditional dental fillings, inlays fit inside the tooth to replace a small amount of tooth structure damaged by tooth decay. They are bonded to the tooth and improve the tooth’s strength. 

Onlays (partial crowns) are also bonded to the tooth but extend onto the chewing surface to replace one or more cusps. 

These tooth-coloured restorations are fabricated off-site so take more than one visit. You will need one appointment to prep the tooth and take an impression for restoration and another to fit the inlay or onlay. 

A tooth with severe tooth decay may require a dental crown to restore its appearance, strength and function. 


How Long Does a Filling Take: What Does Getting Dental Fillings Involve?  

Dental fillings are a common dental treatment that saves your natural tooth from further decay. If you have been prescribed a dental filling, here are the steps your dentist takes to repair your tooth: 

  • Apply a numbing gel to the gum tissue around your affected tooth tooth filling procedure longevity dapto
  • Inject a local anaesthetic to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure
  • Isolate the affected tooth and use a suction tool to keep it dry
  • Use a dental drill to remove the tooth decay 
  • Etch the inside of the tooth with a weak acid to help the composite filling bond  
  • Apply a thin bonding gel to the roughened edge   
  • Place the composite material inside the hole
  • Use a special light to harden the composite material
  • Add more layers and cure each layer until the hole is filled 
  • Smooth out any rough or high areas 
  • Use articulating paper to check your bite 


Book Your Check-Up with Dapto Dentists

Bi-annual check-ups and hygiene cleanings can help us identify small cavities and treat them with dental fillings before they become more invasive and expensive treatments. If you need a filling and are concerned about the procedure and how long does a filling take, our dentists can walk you through the steps.

All our dentists are ADA members and attend regular development programs to stay abreast of new techniques and technologies to ensure you have a high-quality and comfortable dental experience. 

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2018 Australia’s Adult Oral Health Tracker 

Cavity Filling Timeline and Recovery

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