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Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common dental procedures for most Australians. Impacted or infected wisdom teeth can be painful, and it is vital to have them removed to prevent further oral health problems. But, many people avoid wisdom tooth removal due to the perceived costs. However, wisdom tooth removal may be more affordable than you think.


Why Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

There are several reasons for wisdom tooth removal, including pain, infection, or orthodontic issues. Pressure pain is often experienced by people with growing wisdom teeth, as they press against adjacent teeth to make room. This can impact the appearance of your teeth, causing crowding and crookedness which may need to be corrected later on.

If you suffer from an impacted wisdom tooth, the likelihood that you will need it extracted increases. Because an impacted tooth cannot erupt through the gum correctly, it can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and infection due to a buildup of bacteria and food particles that are difficult to remove with brushing.


Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

Wisdom tooth removal involves an initial consultation to determine the condition of your oral health and any potential complications that may arise with a wisdom tooth extraction. X-rays of your mouth will be taken, to determine the position of the wisdom teeth.

Dental Patient

If you have complex issues with your wisdom teeth, you may be referred to a specialist. Otherwise, for simple procedures, your dentist will schedule an in-patient procedure at the dental surgery. A local anaesthetic is administered and, if the tooth has not erupted, your dentist will make an incision in your gum to remove the infected tooth.

Depending on the angle and size of the tooth, it may need to be sectioned and removed in pieces. For an erupted wisdom tooth, your dentist performs a simple tooth extraction using forceps.  


The Cost of Wisdom Tooth Removal in Australia

The cost of getting your wisdom teeth removed depends on where you have the procedure and how many teeth you will need removed. Prices also vary according to where you live with urban dental procedures, often costing less than those performed in rural areas. 

The cost of a wisdom tooth removal is not standardised across Australia, which means that different dentists can charge varying prices for the procedure. There are guidelines set out by the Australian Dental Association, which are accessible to the public if you are unsure about what constitutes a fair price for extraction. 

Wisdom tooth removal in a dentist’s chair is more affordable than a procedure at a hospital. In a dental practice, procedures are usually less complicated and require only local anaesthesia. If you are admitted to the hospital for extraction, you may need to go under general anaesthesia, which costs significantly more. Another anaesthesia option that we offer at Dapto Dentists for patients who experience dental anxiety is IV sedation. 

In some cases, you may have a complicated medical background or a wisdom tooth that is close to a nerve, and so you may require a referral to a specialist, which incurs additional costs for both the consultation and the surgery. 

The best way to reduce the cost of getting your wisdom teeth removed is to catch the problem early on. The more straightforward the wisdom tooth removal procedure, the more affordable it will be. Regular visits with your dentist allow them to inspect the development of your wisdom teeth and remove them before they become impacted or infected. 

At Dapto Dentists, our Fees for Wisdom tooth removal ranges from $350 – $500 per tooth depending upon the complexity.  Claim our Free Wisdom tooth removal consult to get your obligation free quote from our dentist.


Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Covered by Private Health Insurance or Medicare?

Unfortunately, wisdom tooth removal is not covered by Medicare. However, some patients may be eligible for subsidised dental treatment through other government funded dental schemes at a state level. Check with your local Medicare office to find out the eligibility criteria.

The good news is that for patients with private health insurance, wisdom tooth removal is generally covered by your extras cover which means that you can claim part or all of the cost of having your wisdom teeth removed even if it is an out-patient procedure. Of course, this does depend on your policy, so before you make an appointment, check your policy and talk with your dentist about potential out-of-pocket costs. 


Final Thoughts

The price of removing your wisdom teeth depends on a variety of factors, but you can minimise the costs by catching the problem early and making sure that you are covered for wisdom tooth removal by your insurer. If you are experiencing wisdom tooth discomfort, call Dapto Dentists on (02) 4044 5520 for an appointment.

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